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Membership Stages 

We analyzed the pain points of hundreds of entrepreneurs and business owners and designed a roadmap to help you navigate and propel you forward through every business milestone, from the idea stage through product-market fit. The structured, yet flexible, model of our roadmap enables you to own your progress and make any necessary adjustments you need. You can access it in three possible ways: in-person and/or virtually. No matter where you’re at in your business journey, we offer programming education, mentorship, and resources to help you grow.

Stage 1: Start Up ($0-$50,000 Annual Revenue)

For many, founding a company is uncharted territory. BizLINC provides the comprehensive roadmap to the structure, accountability, and community of support you need to build the foundation for sustained success.

If you are turning your idea into a reality, finding your product-market fit, or accelerating your startup, BizLINC empowers you to take the right steps at the right time. We deliver solutions that are curated to your unique needs when you need them and wherever you are, including:

  • A structured yet flexible roadmap that charts important milestones and puts you in control of your growth. 

  • A mentor, talent, and tech support network made up of industry professionals and experts that you can connect with whenever you need them most. 

  • Peer connections with fellow innovators who will inspire and motivate you to surpass your every goal. 

Bar Chart

Stage 2: Growth & Expansion ($51,000-$150,000 Annual Revenue)

You’ve laid the foundation for success, and now it’s time to bring the world along as you scale. BizLINC delivers to you the solutions you need to support your growth and cement your credibility as a leader in your industry and community. If you’re a scaling company looking to translate your experience into long-term strategic growth, BizLINC can help you turn opportunities into desired outcomes. We provide expansive resources and productive connections that will positively impact your ROI.

Eagle Flying

Stage 3: Soar ($151,000 and up Annual Revenue)

You are truly on the CUSP of making a major impact. Now that you have perfected your model and systems, you are ready to soar. This includes having access to funding and a host of other resources that will catapult you to the next level. 

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