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Community Norms

The BizLINC Community norms revolve around three pillars:

  1. We Remain Coachable

  2. We strive to be Available

  3. We are committed to Collaboration

We Remain Coachable


Coachability has a lot to do with Your willingness to learn from the community and the resources made available. Coachability is one of the key pillars of the BizLINC program. When we are lifelong learners we are committed to the growth of our businesses as well as personally. 

The best concepts and ideas have to undergo criticism in order to improve. Honest and open Feedback is critical to the success of your business.


We strive to be Available

The best ability that someone can have is availability. Availability is when you are committed to investing your time and energy into your business. There are some people who are curious about business, and then there are other people who are serious about business. Your availability and willingness to engage in the programming demonstrate that you are ready to grow your business. 



We are committed to Collaboration

We are committed to collaboration. There’s an old African proverb that says, “if you want to go fast, go alone if you want to go far, go together.” BizLINC is about going together. The members of BizLINC all have a common mission. That one mission is achieving the goals and objectives that you have set out to. Collaboration is the DNA of BizLINC. We realize that in order for businesses to succeed they must be “linked” to the proper resources. 

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