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Frequently Asked Questions


How Does the Program Work?

Anyone interested would need to fill out the membership application. This helps us learn about you and your company.  We hand-select entrepreneurs to become a part of the BizLINC community through an interview process. If approved, you will receive an approval letter and membership agreement that highlights what to expect and what we expect. No one business is alike, so each entrepreneur is placed on a track that best suits their specific needs, goals, and capabilities. 

Is the Program Free? 

The BizLINC is sponsored in part by the Florida Development Corp. and the City of Lake Wales CRA.  All programming, training, and technical assistance are free of charge. Rent and other services in the BizLINC are subsidized and offered at a deep discount making business growth not only possible but inevitable.

How much do I spend out of Pocket?

Again, there is no fee for the training, technical assistance, one on one consulting, or anything related. The only fee you will pay is for discounted rent. Click here for Office Rental Fees. 


There are other services that may be available at a small fee depending upon the vendor. Rent prices are based on membership types. 

What are the Office Hours?

They are currently 8 am-6 pm Monday through Friday. These hours may change based on conditions. We are looking to get things started sometime in late October 2022. Initially, services will be offered virtually, but as construction is completed businesses will be housed at BizLINC. 

What Type of Space is Available?


Hot Desk/ Dedicated Desk- For entrepreneurs that want to be a part of the community without necessarily being out in the open, a dedicated desk is their best option. You get to work with the same handful of professionals from day to day and you can lock up all your necessities, so they are ready and waiting each day. Dedicated desks are great for individual entrepreneurs that want to feel a sense of consistency in their day but aren’t concerned about having a private office all to themselves.

Private Offices- A private office is just that, private. It’s fully enclosed and comes with a lock and key so that no one can enter your space without an invitation. Private offices are for more established companies as well as individuals.

Conference Room- The conference rooms are also private spaces inside of the BizLINC and members are offered a specified amount of time per month.  Unlike private offices, they are indicated for occasional use. In other words, you use them when you need to meet customers/partners and make presentations. 

What Comes with Basic BizLINC Membership?

  • Low-Cost Rent

  • Bookkeeping Services

  • One on One Technical Assistance

  • Business Training and Devlopment 

  • Business Mentorship

  • Conference Room Use

  • Toast Masters Membership

  • Mailbox

Still Have Questions?

225 Lincoln Ave Lake Wales,

Fl 33853

Tel: 863-777-2890

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